The Annual Financial Checkup
Why do I need an annual review?
Because it makes sense to measure
your financial progress!

Are you making progress in accumulating assets?
Are you assuming too much risk with your current portfolio?
Have you recently made any major financial decisions?

In the past year, have you...
Changed jobs
• Made major purchases
• Welcomed a new child
• Started your retirement
• Bought or sold a residence
• Decided on new goals

Stop Putting It Off!
Imagine being a few years from retirement only to find you
have less than a year's salary in savings. Imagine passing away
and leaving unresolved money issues for your loved ones,
or subjecting them to the contentious probate process.
Financial Planning should be a priority for your future!

Annuity Articles
A CD, or a CD-Type Annuity
How they compare – and why annuities are so attractive.

Is It Time to Annuitize?
It just might be. Here's why baby boomers are choosing immediate annuities.

Life Insurance Articles
The Ins and Outs of Life Insurance
If you're just starting to look at life insurance, the myriad of choices can be confusing.

Is It Time to Rewrite Your Term Insurance?
Term coverage is cheap these days. Make sure you don't pay too much.

The Right Beneficiary
Who have you chosen to inherit your assets? It may be wise to review your choices.

Long-Term Care Ins. Articles
How Long-Term Care Insurance Can Help Protect Your Assets
Create a pool of healthcare dollars that will grow in any market.

Long-Term Care Insurance
A brief look at LTC coverage and the compelling reasons for it.

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